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  •  *Modern black stain finished with Red Oak wood grain, highlighted by the nickel brushed metal elements, All show the modern fashion style

    *Imported high density hardwood for cushion rails, and strong wood frame

    *The first magnesium alloy ball rail, slate leveler

    *Imported high quality cow leather, mechanical molding craft

    *The top quality slate material with 42mm thickness in high precision polishing

    *International tournament standart “I” shape 12mm thick steel carbide cushion with latest construction design, easy for changing it's cloth

    *Imported Taiwan rubber cushion and Gold 6811 English snooker cloth   

    *Playing area (9ft): 2540 x 1270mm (100” x 50”)

    *Overall size (9ft): 2850 x 1570 x 845mm (112” x 62” x 33-1/2”)

    *Available for 9ft Chinese Pool tables

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