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  •  *European castle style cushion frame and leg

    *Imported rare hardwood for painting cushion rails, Elegant Mahogany stain finished

    *International tournament standart “I” shape 10mm thick steel carbide cushion

    *Imported high quality cow leather, mechanical molding craft

    *Top quality Chinese rubber cushion and Gold 6811 English snooker cloth

    *Playing area (12ft): 3560 x 1780mm (140” x 70”)

    *Overall size (12ft): 3870 x 2080 x 845mm (152” x 82” x 33-1/4”)  

    *Playing area (10ft): 2948 mm x 1464 mm (116" x 56")

    *overall size (10ft): 3230 mm x1740mm x 845mm

    *Available for 12ft, 10ft, 9ft and 8ft

On A:Gold cavalier
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