it’s a lovely experience to enjoy the crafts of talented people. No matter the craftsman skills were honed or what world culture moved them to create it……handmade billiard table offers an amazing palate of natural wood elements combined with the art of human craftsmanship.  Lego Billiards specializes in the high quality manufacturing of handmade real solid wood billiard tables. Our 200,000 square foot factory in China is an award-winning design and fabrication factory with 23 years of experience.

Besides producing some of the world’s best billiard tables, Lego Billiard’s handmade quality can last for decades, as all our billiard tables are made completely by hand. Decades? Yes. In fact, our mortise and tendon wood joints have a proven ability to last for many years Threat advantage of handmade pool table is it's art and skill of finishing, hand-rubbed and carving, but there are other reasons which made handmade billiard tables from Lego Billiards possibly the best billiard table investment one can made.

Lego Billiards is a major leader in the handmade billiard table industry starting with quality and offering modern, antique and classical designs of our own.. At Lego Billiards, an unbelievable amount of wood craftsmanship goes into every table we offer. All the fine materials used are given the respect they deserve. Every table has a quality inspector who follows that table through every separate step of creating it, assuring that it meets our standards before it ships to a customer.  

Your way to be sure that the elegance in billiard table design and craftsmanship goes all the way to your game room.

At Lego Billiards, an unbelievable amount of wood craftsmanship goes into every table we offer.
ADD:No.7 Dongkeng Distric, TaishanTown,Taishan City, Guangdong Province,P.R. CHINA
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